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Produkte ... Speaker Management ... Cred Mk2
Inputs Two [Cred 2-4 & Cred 2-6]
Input Impedance >10k Ohm electronically balanced
Maximum Input Level +20dBu
Outputs Four [Cred 2-4] or six [Cred 2-6]
Outputs Impedance <100 Ohm, ground balanced
Maximum Ouput Level +20dBu into 600 Ohm load
Sample Rte 96kHz
Frequency Response 10Hz to 40kHz ,±1.0dB (filters disabled)
10Hz to 20kHz, ±0.25dB (filters disabled)
THD <0.01%, (+10dBu, 20Hz to 20kHz, 30kHz bandwidth)
Dynamic Range >111dB (A weighted, 22kHz bandwidth)
>108dB (A weighted, 22kHz bandwidth)
Serial Comms Data 38.4kbaud, format: 8 data, 1 stop, no parity
Audio Inputs 3 pin female XLR
Outputs 3 pin male XLR
Serial Comms 9 pin female `D type`
Network Comms Future Option
Gain +20dB to -80dB and mute, 0.2dB steps
Output ch. source Input A, Input B and SUM
HP Filter Frequency Off, 10Hz to 25,4kHz, 1/36 octave steps
LP Filter Frequency 10Hz to 25,4kHz, and off 1/36 octave steps
HP / LP Filter Type 12, 18 & 24dB / octave Bessel and Butterworth, 12, 24 and 48dB / octave Linkwitz Riley and 4th or 8th order hardman
Maximum Delay Input 400ms, Output 80ms
Limiter High performance limiter, adjustable threshold in 0.2dB steps, automatic time constants
EQ Frequency 10Hz to 25kHz, 1/36 octave steps
EQ Gain +15db to -15dB, 0.2dB steps
EQ width 5.0 to 0.1 octaves bandwidth, 1/36 octave steps
Mains 3 pin IEC
Mains Power universal switch mode PSU, 85V to 250V AC, 50/60Hz Audio
Consumption <25 Watts
Dimensions (mm) 44 x 482 x 254 (H x W x D)
Weight (kgs) 2.1
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